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Monday, 27 March 2017


Pink the brightest colour in the world.
Best joyful colour representing happiness award goes to pink.
Like a magenta convertible cruising down the streets of Los Angeles.
I am the tasty salmon on your plate
I am the big pink bubble that you blow with your bubblegum.
The bright sparkling pink glitter that you throw in the air.
I am pink!!!

Tuesday, 7 March 2017



To awesome 

Thursday, 24 November 2016


Due to the loss of habitat we have not been able to come to a conclusion for one of the beans. If we did this experiment again we would change the place we put it in.

Wednesday, 23 November 2016


When I did my first duathlon I had lots of fun at the start there was an earsplitting bang as the starter shot the gun. It felt like I was flying because I was in an aerodynamic position. I saw the track and the people in the crowd like my mum and dad who were saying “ride Hamish ride”.it was my first time riding a road bike in a competition I went faster than I ever had before. When  I started the bike I was in first place I keeped a consistent pace and won the duathlon. I got the bike from someone who knows a lot about biking and he said my time was very fast he said he was impressed. That's when I knew I was a biking fanatic.

Tuesday, 11 October 2016


Akaroa dolphin cruise
Book reading 
Clip n climb 
Did the hardest climb at clip n climb 
Eating at the mall 
Football holiday program 
Got a slide burn 
Had a bad run in Wellington representing Canterbury 
Inflatable World fun 
Jumped at Mega Air
Kicked my sister not on purpose 
Looked at seals 
My sister was annoying 
Not enough ice cream 
Opened a present
Played with my cat
Quality cleaning of my room 
Rock shop 
Saw sheep, blue penguins and hector dolphins
Took my dog for a walk 
Unicycle riding 
Virtual reality goggles tested
Worked with dad 
Xbox 360 games played 
You tube 
Zoo wanted to go 

Tuesday, 30 August 2016

The referee

My speech 
“It’s out “boomed the ref ,”no goal “screamed the man with the whistle, “offside”says the man in white. Have you ever felt like on Saturday sport the ref has made a bad call,  or the other team has told the ref the ball was out when it wasn't, or that someone had fouled them when they hadn't? My claim is that we should have proper refs and that everyone should know the rules and play fairly. 

For example ,sometimes the other team encourages the ref to make the wrong call when the ref can't see it. In one of my football games I was running down the sideline and the ball just touched the line and the defender flung his hand in the air and told the ref it was out but the rule is the whole ball has to be over the line.  I was so annoyed because I could have kept going and scored or set someone else up to score. To fix this I think everyone should know the rules and play fairly. 

I also think that we should have proper refs that know the rules because it's usually our coaches or a parent that sometimes don't know the rules and just listen to what the players say. It's really frustrating because I know the rules and other people don't. So I think the refs should know the rules and make the right calls, although sometimes it can be difficult. I think that a way to solve this is that every parent gets a brief summary of the rules. To read themselves and for the children when they sign their kid up. They could also do a short refs course if they want to ref some of their child's games instead of having proper refs that cost money. I think that all teams should have at least one qualified ref or your team can't play. Maybe each club should run refereeing courses for parents at their club rooms at the start of the season.

I think every player should play fairly and not argue with the ref in some of my games. It's abysmal as my dad would say! A way to stop this is that the ref needs to call fouls and there should be red and yellow cards for fouling and arguing with the ref at all ages. Hopefully that will make people stop. 

Overall I think that we should all learn the rules and play fairly. The refs should be qualified and take time to teach younger players the rules

Tuesday, 7 June 2016

Beat reflection

Last term we focused on beat and rhythm for the arts. We did a performance of our day it was called the Our Day Performance. I can identify beat in many different contexts and I understand the purpose of it. I am now able to understand musical phrases and how to use beat in them. I enjoyed the performance because it was a fun way to learn beat.In the performance my role was being the leader in the football phrase. I can identify beat in songs, performances and in the class.